v1.5.0 (2018-07-29)

  • gcm: Use FCM URL instead of deprecated GCM URL. Thanks Lukas Anzinger!

v1.4.1 (2018-06-18)

  • apns: Remove restriction on token length due to incorrect assumption about tokens always being 64 characters long.

v1.4.0 (2017-11-09)

  • apns: Add exceptions APNSProtocolError and APNSTimeoutError. Thanks Jakub Kleň!
  • apns: Add retry mechanism to APNSClient.send. Thanks Jakub Kleň!
    • Add default_retries argument to APNSClient initialization. Defaults to 5.
    • Add retries argument to APNSClient.send. By default will use APNSClient.default_retries unless explicitly passed in.
    • If unable to send after retries, an APNSTimeoutError will be raised.
  • apns: Fix bug in bulk APNSClient.send that resulted in an off-by-one error for message identifier in returned errors. Thanks Jakub Kleň!
  • apns: Add max payload truncation option to APNSClient.send. Thanks Jakub Kleň!
    • Add default_max_payload_length argument to APNSClient initialization. Defaults to 0 which disabled max payload length check.
    • Add max_payload_length argument to APNSClient.send. By default will use APNSClient.default_max_payload_length unless explicitly passed in.
    • When max_payload_length set, messages will be truncated to fit within the length restriction by trimming the “message” text and appending it with “…”.

v1.3.0 (2017-03-11)

  • apns: Optimize reading from APNS Feedback so that the number of bytes read are based on header and token lengths.
  • apns: Explicitly close connection to APNS Feedback service after reading data.
  • apns: Add support for mutable-content field (Apple Notification Service Extension) via mutable_content argument to APNSClient.send(). Thanks Ahmed Khedr!
  • apns: Add support for thread-id field (group identifier in Notification Center) via thread_id argument to APNSClient.send(). Thanks Ahmed Khedr!

v1.2.1 (2015-12-14)

  • apns: Fix implementation of empty APNS notifications and allow notifications with {"aps": {}} to be sent. Thanks Julius Seporaitis!

v1.2.0 (2015-12-04)

  • gcm: Add support for priority field to GCM messages via low_priority keyword argument. Default behavior is for all messages to be "high" priority. This is the opposite of GCM messages but mirrors the behavior in the APNS module where the default priority is "high".

v1.1.0 (2015-10-22)

  • gcm: Add support for notification field to GCM messages.
  • gcm: Replace registration_ids field with to field when sending to a single recipient since registration_ids field has been deprecated for single recipients.

v1.0.1 (2015-05-07)

  • gcm: Fix incorrect authorization header in GCM client. Thanks Brad Montgomery!

v1.0.0 (2015-04-28)

  • apns: Add APNSSandboxClient for sending notifications to APNS sandbox server.

  • apns: Add message attribute to APNSResponse.

  • pushjack: Add internal logging.

  • apns: Fix APNS error checking to properly handle reading when no data returned.

  • apns: Make APNS sending stop during iteration if a fatal error is received from APNS server (e.g. invalid topic, invalid payload size, etc).

  • apns/gcm: Make APNS and GCM clients maintain an active connection to server.

  • apns: Make APNS always return APNSResponse object instead of only raising APNSSendError when errors encountered. (breaking change)

  • apns/gcm: Remove APNS/GCM module send functions and only support client interfaces. (breaking change)

  • apns: Remove config argument from APNSClient and use individual method parameters as mapped below instead: (breaking change)

    • APNS_ERROR_TIMEOUT => default_error_timeout
    • APNS_DEFAULT_EXPIRATION_OFFSET => default_expiration_offset
    • APNS_DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE => default_batch_size
  • gcm: Remove config argument from GCMClient and use individual method parameters as mapped below instead: (breaking change)

    • GCM_API_KEY => api_key
  • pushjack: Remove pushjack.clients module. (breaking change)

  • pushjack: Remove pushjack.config module. (breaking change)

  • gcm: Rename GCMResponse.payloads to GCMResponse.messages. (breaking change)

v0.5.0 (2015-04-22)

  • apns: Add new APNS configuration value APNS_DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE and set to 100.
  • apns: Add batch_size parameter to APNS send that can be used to override APNS_DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE.
  • apns: Make APNS send batch multiple notifications into a single payload. Previously, individual socket writes were performed for each token. Now, socket writes are batched based on either the APNS_DEFAULT_BATCH_SIZE configuration value or the batch_size function argument value.
  • apns: Make APNS send resume sending from after the failed token when an error response is received.
  • apns: Make APNS send raise an APNSSendError when one or more error responses received. APNSSendError contains an aggregation of errors, all tokens attempted, failed tokens, and successful tokens. (breaking change)
  • apns: Replace priority argument to APNS send with low_priority=False. (breaking change)

v0.4.0 (2015-04-15)

  • apns: Improve error handling in APNS so that errors aren’t missed.
  • apns: Improve handling of APNS socket connection during bulk sending so that connection is re-established when lost.
  • apns: Make APNS socket read/writes non-blocking.
  • apns: Make APNS socket frame packing easier to grok.
  • apns/gmc: Remove APNS and GCM send_bulk function. Modify send to support bulk notifications. (breaking change)
  • apns: Remove APNS_MAX_NOTIFICATION_SIZE as config option.
  • gcm: Remove GCM_MAX_RECIPIENTS as config option.
  • gcm: Remove request argument from GCM send function. (breaking change)
  • apns: Remove sock argument from APNS send function. (breaking change)
  • gcm: Return namedtuple for GCM canonical ids.
  • apns: Return namedtuple class for APNS expired tokens.

v0.3.0 (2015-04-01)

  • gcm: Add restricted_package_name and dry_run fields to GCM sending.

  • gcm: Add exceptions for all GCM server error responses.

  • apns: Make apns.get_expired_tokens and APNSClient.get_expired_tokens accept an optional sock argument to provide a custom socket connection.

  • apns: Raise APNSAuthError instead of APNSError if certificate file cannot be read.

  • apns: Raise APNSInvalidPayloadSizeError instead of APNSDataOverflow. (breaking change)

  • apns: Raise APNSInvalidTokenError instead of APNSError.

  • gcm: Raise GCMAuthError if GCM_API_KEY is not set.

  • pushjack: Rename several function parameters: (breaking change)

    • gcm: alert to data
    • gcm: token/tokens to registration_id/registration_ids
    • gcm: Dispatcher/dispatcher to GCMRequest/request
    • Clients: registration_id to device_id
  • gcm: Return GCMResponse object for GCMClient.send/send_bulk. (breaking change)

  • gcm: Return requests.Response object(s) for gcm.send/send_bulk. (breaking change)

v0.2.2 (2015-03-30)

  • apns: Fix payload key assigments for title-loc, title-loc-args, and launch-image. Previously, '_' was used in place of '-'.

v0.2.1 (2015-03-28)

  • apns: Fix incorrect variable reference in apns.receive_feedback.

v0.2.0 (2015-03-28)

  • pushjack: Fix handling of config in clients when config is a class object and subclass of Config.
  • apns: Make apns.send/send_bulk accept additional alert fields: title, title-loc, title-loc-args, and launch-image.
  • gcm: Make gcm.send/send_bulk raise a GCMError exception if GCM_API_KEY is not set.
  • gcm: Make gcm payload creation cast data to dict if isn’t not passed in as one. Original value of data is then set to {'message': data}. (breaking change)
  • gcm: Make gcm payload creation not set defaults for optional keyword arguments. (breaking change)

v0.1.0 (2015-03-26)

  • pushjack: Rename pushjack.settings module to pushjack.config. (breaking change)
  • apns/gcm: Allow config settings overrides to be passed into create_gcm_config, create_apns_config, and create_apns_sandbox_config.
  • pushjack: Override Config’s update() method with custom method that functions similarly to from_object() except that it accepts a dict instead.

v0.0.1 (2015-03-25)

  • First release.